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What services do you provide?
I’m a contract specialist, a proofreader and copy editor, a company secretary, a HR generalist, and a senior office administrator. I handle anything and everything to do with paperwork and documentation, and I manage the operational and administrative side of running a business.

Are you virtual or will you come to my office?
Either, depending on your location and requirement. I am based in North West London and happy to travel to where you are if it’s not too far away.

When are you available?
I offer a flexible seven day a week service so I am available as and when you need me, not just during business hours. You can have a few hours here and there, or if you have regular requirements I can set aside a number of hours each week/month for you.

What is a Contract Specialist?
Someone who has extensive commercial knowledge and experience of how to structure, draft, review, and negotiate a contract.

Are you a lawyer?
No. I advise in matters as they relate to commercial contracts, something which lawyers do not generally do. I have access to the same high quality legal resources used by many solicitors, and because I specialise in commercial contracts my expertise in this area is at least as good as many solicitors.

Can you draft legally binding contracts?
Yes. All of the services I provide fall outside the “reserved activities” that are exclusive to barristers and solicitors. I am highly competent and commercially astute with many years of hands-on experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. I will highlight any areas which require specialist legal input and help you through that process too.

Why should I choose you instead of a solicitor?
Because solicitors may know how to draft a contract, but they don’t necessarily understand or review from a commercial aspect. Negotiation by a solicitor usually results in lengthy, unwieldy agreements, drawn-out negotiation, and missed commercial opportunities. Why pay huge legal fees only to receive unusable advice from solicitors who’ve never been at the leading edge in business? I can help you negotiate the right commercial contract for your business in a cost effective way.

Why should I choose you instead of employing my own contracts manager?
Because they are an expensive resource that you might not need all the time. Even when you do need them, they may be on holiday. I am available when you need me, and I don’t have holidays.

What does a proofreader/copy editor do other than check for spelling mistakes?
A proofreader will check your document for things such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, times, dates, names, numbers, links, and acronyms. They also ensure that the meaning of the document meets its purpose, is fit for the intended audience, is consistent, accurate, and clear. A copy editor will re-write your text to ensure that sentences and paragraphs are structured correctly and the document is clear, concise, and sets the right tone.

Why should I use you for proofreading/copy editing?
Because I am a qualified proofreader and copy editor, having graduated with distinction from the College of Media and Publishing.

What does a company secretary do?
A company secretary is someone who takes care of maintaining a company’s statutory books and any required filings at Companies House: for example the annual Confirmation Statement (the old Annual Return), changes of directors or registered office etc.

Why should I use you for my company secretarial needs?
Because I have been an active company secretary for many years and am familiar with relevant Companies House requirements.

Can I use my accountant or solicitor to take care of company secretarial filings for me?
Yes, but they will charge you more than I do for exactly the same thing.

Can I take care of company secretarial filings myself?
Yes, as long as you know what you’re doing and remember to file on time. Companies House can impose penalties for late filing, and your company may get struck off if you ignore reminders.

What is a HR generalist and what do they do?
They manage the administration of human resources policies, procedures, and programs. They will draft employment contracts and HR policies, help maintain employee records such as holidays and sickness, manage employee pension auto enrolment, and assist with day to day employee issues. They can also assist with recruitment including drafting job specs, reviewing CVs, interviewing candidates.

Why should I use you as a HR generalist for my company?
If you have employees and you do not have up to date HR policies and procedures in place, as well as a process for updating employee records, then I can provide everything you need in an efficient, cost effective way.

So, your services cover all my business operations and administrative needs?
Yes. I provide everything you need.

Why shouldn’t I handle all these tasks myself?
Because you have better things to do and are unlikely to have the time or the specialist experience of drafting and negotiating successful contracts.

What are your charges?
I charge by hourly rate, by project, or by retainer. We can discuss your requirements and work out which is best for the services you need. I am self-employed so you have no employee overheads, no running costs, no responsibilities.