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We all make mistakes: it is very difficult to check your own work and pick up errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. That document you wrote reads very well to you because you wrote it, you know what you were trying to convey.  Give that document to someone else: is the meaning absolutely clear? Is it factually correct?  Have you used the correct grammar?  Has your choice of punctuation changed the entire meaning of a sentence – even though you know what you intended it to mean? Is it clear to readers in a different country? This is where Admin Flexibility can help.

I provide three different levels of proofreading and editing:

  • Proofreading – This is to correct errors – no editing.  I will check your text against your style guide (don’t worry if you don’t have one, I will use an industry recognised guide) to check for errors in: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.  I will not alter your text, even if it makes no sense to me (although I may point out that the meaning is not clear), I will just check for errors.
  • Proofreading plus – This is everything included above plus I will check: times, dates, names, numbers, links, and acronyms.  I will also make sure the meaning of the document meets its purpose, is fit for the intended audience, is consistent, accurate, and clear.
  • Editing – This is everything mentioned above with complete editing (re-writing) of your text.  I will ensure that sentences and paragraphs are structured correctly and the document is clear, concise and sets the right tone.  If your document is intended to be read by readers in different counties I will ensure that the meaning is clear to a global audience.   I will reorganise the entire document or, if you prefer, will suggest what changes I feel should be made so you can decide what to change.