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Do you require a few hours here and there, or more regular support?  I can provide whatever you need.   We can discuss your business needs and based on your requirements I will provide a competitive quote. 

Admin Flexibility offer the following options:

  1. Retainer (recommended) – You have a set number of days set aside each week or month.  This ensures that I am available when you need me.  This is particularly useful if you have regular requirements spread throughout the week/month. 
  2. Hourly rate – You only pay for each hour that you use (sorry, I don’t work in increments less than an hour).
  3. By Project –  If you have a specific project or task I can provide a price just for that piece of work.

If you require service to be provided on-site, there will be an additional charge to cover travel costs.



A copy of our Terms can be provided upon request.