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Admin Flexibility are not lawyers and do not provide legal review or advice.  The services offered should not be relied on for legal advice. You should seek your own legal advice before engaging in any transaction.

A contract specialist has extensive commercial knowledge and experience of how to structure, draft, review, and negotiate a contract.  I advise in matters relating to commercial contracts, something which lawyers do not generally do. I have access to the same high-quality legal resources used by many solicitors, and because I specialise in commercial contracts my expertise in this area is at least as good as many solicitors. Solicitors may know how to draft a contract, but they don’t necessarily understand or review from a commercial aspect.

Do you want to save the costs usually associated with getting a legal or other document drafted?  Are you wary about signing something and just need a second (non-legal) opinion? Do you need something reviewing?

Admin Flexibility draft and review anything: letters, forms, contracts, documents, reports, spreadsheets … I have 25+ years’ experience drafting documents and providing non-legal document and contract reviews.

I review the contents of your document and provide down to earth, honest opinion regarding the general and commercial aspects, and highlight areas where you should seek legal advice.

I provide:

  • General drafting – I can draft letters, reports, forms, spreadsheets etc.  Provide details of what needs to be included, I will draft it all for you.
  • Existing document opinion– I undertake a review of your existing document and provide an opinion detailing any areas of concern.
  • Document drafting  – Need a new document? I use legally drafted templates as a basis for building your document.  I do not change the legal aspects, I build the document around your specific general and commercial requirements.
  • Existing document full review – I will carry out a full non-legal review of your existing document.  Following review I will provide you with a fully marked-up version containing suggested amendments and detailed comments.  I will highlight areas which may require legal input from your lawyer.
  • Negotiation with third party(ies) – Following document drafting or full review the next step will be to negotiate the document changes with the third party involved. You can pass the document to your lawyers for them to carry out the negotiation process direct with the third party. Alternatively, Admin Flexibility can work direct with the relevant third party to negotiate the required revisions. I can manage the process and review subsequent revised versions of your document as we move through the negotiation process.  If legal issues arise these can be reviewed with your lawyers. When the document is almost final it can be passed to your lawyers for a final legal check (if required).
  • Proofreading and/or editing  – I offer proofreading and editing as part of Document Review or as a standalone service.  More about this here Proofreading and Editing.

At this point you may be asking yourself why not just use my lawyer, why should I use Admin Flexibility?  Good question: firstly, you will save a fortune on legal fees – I use up to date contract templates which are drafted by lawyers and regularly updated by lawyers; secondly, I review all aspects of the document (not just legal) benefiting from many years of commercial contract experience and knowledge; thirdly, I will take care of the entire process, not just the contract review/negotiation; finally, I work to your schedule and provide quick responses and turnaround so the entire process is completed faster.